Poetry by Angela Fernatt

This is a poem of how I have felt abandoned by those few that claimed to love me throughout my life.
Votes: 230
Stories: (4)

Rating: 4.4

Published: Nov 2007
The author has waited for a long time to be reunited with the one she loves. She cannot wait for the time that they will live and love as one.
Votes: 148
Stories: (2)

Rating: 4.09

Published: Nov 2007
This poem is about a relationship that has seen more than its fair-share of ups and downs. In spite of this we are giving love another try.
Votes: 43   

Rating: 3.84

Published: Nov 2007
This would be my take on love and the ray of emotions that some of us might experience in the course of it all, leaving us smiling and breathless.
Votes: 90   

Rating: 3.7

Published: Nov 2007

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