Abuse Poem


One women write about the effects that abuse has had upon her.

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Published on May 2008

I Don't Know

Your angry face is all I see
Your hand ready to strike my face
As I put my arms up
To protect myself from your harm
I don't know what I did wrong
All I said was no
And your hand come flying at me
Your hand is left on my face
I don't know
If this was to teach me
Or if this was just your anger

Your body is all I see
Your hands touching me
Where it does not belong
I yelp to get away
From your dirty deed
You tell me not to tell
You tell me not to be scared
I don't know how it started
All I did was follow you through the woods
And it took my innocent away
I don't know
If this was the way of life
Or was it just me

Your mouth is all I see
Your words hit my ears like bullets
I plug my ears
Just to erase it all
But I still hear the cursing
It stings into my heart
And I don't know
If you love me or not
I don't know
Who I am

I don't know anymore
All I know is
I am a girl left in ruins
I am a girl without feelings
I am a girl without love and hope
I am a girl who was destroyed

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