Addiction Poem about Family

I cannot change the past or try to make everyone forget the memories. I made the mistake my mother feared I would, I became my father. I knew the damage addiction caused, but I was drawn to its momentary relief. At 13 years old, I was a full blown, three days a week, binge drinker. I write this poem to let go of some of the shame and guilt I hold inside. I am sober and so is my father, at least for today. Don't lose hope when it all seems hopeless.

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© Kaeli

June 2009

Alcoholism: Love At First Sight

I'm sorry Mom.
I did not listen.
I did not heed your warning.
I saw this coming.
I saw the pain.
I was in too deep before I ever began.
The pain we all felt,
The perfection we all portrayed,
Too weak too challenge the addiction of our loved one.
I could not keep pretending.
Nothing could stop the feelings that overwhelmed me.
I fell for the trap.
Addicted by my first sip,
Never to look back at the pain.
I was to be numb forever,
Living a dream,
At least that was my plan.

I'm sorry Mom.
I took the wrong path.
I took your concerns lightly.
The addiction lured me in,
At my most vulnerable point.
I became the person I knew I one day would.
I continued the cycle into another generation.
I became just another statistic.


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