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Poem Asking Sister For Forgiveness

Dedicated to my sister Shannon. I love her with all my heart!

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While growing up my sister practically raised me. When I decided to have …

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© Morgan Pettit

Published: Apr 2008

My Loving Big Sis

why must I listen to you?,
why do I have to love you?
why do I have to fall asleep and wake up?
why does my face hurt?
why must my heart ache?
why does my heart break?
why do I cry?
why? why? why?
please tell me,
my heart is dry,
I cry, why?
I feel dead inside,
my pain only shows through this mask,
I'm sorry for this pain I've caused,
I'm sorry for the lies I've told,
for the lives that were lost,
for the lives I've destroyed,
I didn't mean to hurt anyone,
but I wanted to tell you,
I do love you,
I do miss you,
I do need you,
I do think of you,
I do pray for you,
but hope that this heart of mine is forgiven,


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  • by Rose, San Antonio
  • Jan 2011

While growing up my sister practically raised me. When I decided to have kids early my sister was there for me. My sister took my kids in when c.p.s. Took custody of my children. She put her life on hold and she even had her newborn son's father move out temporarily. She gained custody of my children. She also got 2 degrees in kinesiology and was a coach and teacher. She was raising my kids along with her 2 kids by herself. She is wonderful I know that. We recently started to talk again and I am grateful that she has accepted me in her life again


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