Divorce Poem

This poem is about the trauma of a family torn apart in the agony of a pain filled divorce.

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© Ladon Palmer Jr.

February 2006


Pain in my heart as I watch the family split apart,
Things might never be the same,
Betrayal is the game
The tears in my eyes as we say our bitter Goodbyes,
I ask myself why,
Why does it have 2 be this way?
I don't want it 2 end no not 2 day
Betrayal Luvs 2 ruin people's lives,
As I look around all I see is knives,
Stuck in people's backs
How can you get the story straight when you don't know the facts?
Families are meant to last 4 ever,
Now I might Never see the Joy and Laughter like once before,
Its over now,
There is no more


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