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After all my experiences with boys , I wrote this poem to show all the kinds of boys are what?

Boys, Boys, Boys

© Youshi Al Rousan
Boys boys boys
Tried them all
Every age every color
They are so mysterious
But all from the same kind
Very easy to find
Everywhere every place
I had with them the same case
Relationships with them donít have a base
They just want fun
They want to show off
While their parents cough
They want to be rich
And from a girlís money snitch
They think every girl is a bitch
Most of them are gays
Hiding behind the sun rays
Denying what everyone says
Getting a girlfriend to look normal
Some guys think they can buy a girl with their car or money
This what is really funny
I donít care about money
I want to sit under the tree when it is so sunny
I donít want to eat honey
I would rather eat leaves than being with a guy whose a bunny
I want to feel free yet feel jealous for
I donít want my boyfriend to play with another four
I donít want boys anymore
Every time I decide to stop another car passes by
Interrupt my life then continue its way
They are all sick-minded who think of a girl like shit
On her they go and bet
And trap her in their dirty net
They donít know the definition of love
Itís not in their dictionary
They never take a relationship seriously
They take it as a game
Girls never take it the same
After they breakup they never remember their ex-girlfriendís name
While she cries under the rain wondering if he is doing the same
He is with his new poor girlfriend who doesnít know heíll leave her soon
Guys just think of sex
After they make a girl their girlfriend, this is what they want next
They think they are so clever to trick any girl
They make their sexy looks for attraction
And these winks to show a girl that they like her
But in fact these are all lies
Guys are all ice
With no feelings so cold
They are so bold
So arrogant in a way you think they are so rich
But in a night they can sleep with a hundred bitch
They need to be hanged with a hitch
Boys boys boys
In every girlís life, you are the source of noise.


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Published: Apr 2011

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  • I can't believe the author I am a 15 year old male and everything in this poem is the complete opposite of me, I love my girlfriend so much to the extent that if she dumped me I would never get over it and if she died so would I, what has been stated in this poem disgraces me and puts me in complete disgust!!!

    Brad McLeod, Qld Submitted 5/23/2013
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