Fighting Friend Poem

Nothing is worse than a best friend turned enemy. When someone so close to you stabs you in the back, you may never recover from that hurt.

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You Brought Me To Tears

© Stephanie M. Grothe

Published on July 2007

You were the only one I could rely on at one point in time,
I thought for sure you would always be there,
I had your back and I thought you had mine,
Things never work out the way you want them to,
That's what I've heard,
But I thought things with you were different,
You were the only one who could bring me to tears,
I never thought you would,
But you did,
I always had a feeling it might happen,
I just wish I would have listened to my heart,
Maybe I wouldn't be standing here crying over you,
You were the only one who has ever brought me to tears,
Your words stab so deep,
I don't think they will ever heal,
My heart is shattered into pieces and I have no one to help pick up the pieces,
I just always thought you would be the one standing next to me through everything,
I need you, well I needed you,
When I needed you the most you sold me out,
You are still the only one who has ever brought me to tears,
I get sick just thinking about it,
I can't stand what you did to me,
I dont even think I can stand you,
So fake and so full of nothing,
How can you live with yourself?
I would like to know where things went sour,
Maybe in due time I will let you back in my heart,
But for now as long as you know,
That you are the only one who has ever brought me to tears...


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