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By A Mother

A loving poetic tribute written by a mother to her son.

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© Janice D. Howland

Published: Feb 2006

To My Youngest Son

First there was one little boy and now there are two.
Bradley is your name.
I gave you the name of Bradley
Because it means hard worker.
It has been six years since there was a child.
Now two sons to call me momma
I had dreamed of a little girl all meek and mild
That I could teach to cook and sew
Then came delivery day
When I hear Dr. Holman say
That I had a baby boy
Praise God how my heart leaped with joy
A son with soft peach fuzz for hair
You were so anxious to greet this world
with a cry that could be heard like your brothers had been
This was how you, my son came to be
My heart was finally filled as I held you and then
A masterpiece that only God could create
Only an infant so tiny like you
Like teardrops on the roses kissed by the morning dew
You looked all around this hospital room
With eyes a dark blue that would soon turn brown
There we were with just one thought in sight
Our precious little angel we would all hold tight
All came to see you each and every day
I longed to be home to have you with just us
You changed so quickly from day to day
I would find something new each time I saw you
Soon we were able to take you home
Like you and your brother to brighten my world
And watch you both grow
How much I loved you both I would show
I had two little angels one six and one newly born
Time does not stand still in our lives
You loved your older brother and being outside
I will always love you, someday you will see this poem
You will know it's from your momma who loves you so
I give all of my love to my angels of joy
To you Bradley these things I have said
I still will mean them on the day you are wed
So I give you all the love in my heart
I will love you forever my little baby son
Like your brother I tell you also to grow slowly
You will make my life turn out just right

Dedicated to Bradley


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