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This poem is to one guy that messed my life up for no reason. He deserves to not be with anyone else until he can grow up and act like a man!! He hurt me and I hope he wont hurt another girl again.

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I'm going through that with the person I'm with. I think they're messing …

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Published: Jul 2008


When I think deeply I think of all the horrible things you put me through.
And I have come to a conclusion you are just a typical guy who is here for one thing.
Unless you can prove to me there is more to me than what you want.
I have no sense in sticking through all the pain, lying, disbelief, anger and hate you put me through.
So I ask you now do you love me for who I am or do you say that to me just for one thing?
I'm sick of the lies you tell me and it hurts me when all these people say your using me.
I just blow them off.
I was completely blind when people said stuff until last night reality hit me and is telling me everything they are saying is true.
For this past year you have lied to me.
So you say your a man how about now grow up and prove to me and everyone else and
especially yourself you are man enough to have a relationship with out your childish mistakes making you forget the one you supposedly love, hurt!
But until that day comes you ain't getting anything from me.
Until you understand all the pain you put through one girl who has been with you through thick and thin.
All I am asking you to do is man up and tell me the truth!


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  • by Dee Little Rock
  • 2/24/2014

I'm going through that with the person I'm with. I think they're messing around with my cousins and I'm like all the signs are there so why are both of you lying to me and I go out my way for this person and this is how they repay me can't even man up and tell me the truth.


  • by Pola, Kenya
  • May 2011

How do such men get good and loyal women? They like and lure them to fall so deeply in love for them never to leave them. The sad truth of the matter is, they're never man enough to confess. They still lie to our faces. The only wake up call they need is if we leave them then they realize that they had a good thing. Otherwise we stick around and they will continue to play their dirty games and not taking anything seriously thus hurting a lot of hearts. They can't have their cake and eat it you know? :) Take heart.


  • by Tina, Texas
  • Oct 2010

This poem sounds almost word for word what I have told my husband in the past month. He has put me through so much pain and misery. He has lied to me over and over, constantly over the past year. He's lied about partying while I was in the hospital with complications with my cancer, he lied about doing drugs while I wasn't around, and he lied about cheating on me. No matter how many times I ask him to man up and tell me the truth he comes up with some other lame excuse. Sometimes you just have to let go because some people don't realize what they have until it's gone and that's what it takes to make them change.


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