Just Friends Poem

The person I wrote this poem about is one of my closest friends, and he is very special to me, as you can probably see in the poem.


© Casmine
Why do I feel this way
I stutter, and don't know what to say
What makes you so special
I've studied your face and your eyes that sparkle
The way you look at me makes me weak
maybe I've fallen in to deep
What if you don't feel the same way
What if I'm only dreaming
What if I'm only imagining these things
Why do I feel this way
I wish I had answers
I wish you could fix it
I wonder if you feel it too
I Love You.


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Published: Apr 2008

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  • Many times people fall in love with people who have no feelings for them which hurts so much because you keep on thinking about someone who has his mind on some one else. It really happened to me and the worst is that a person who has feelings for you is the person you’ve never thought about. What a world mostly for us teenagers

    Aneth Submitted Sep 2008
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  • This poem has touched me very much. There is a boy a school I Wish he would feel the same way about me the same way I feel about him. He melts my heart. I am 13 years old

    kayla Submitted Feb 2009
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  • Hi my name is Jenny. I have that big crush on this guy. We go to the same school, eat at the same table some times. My crush for him is something not everybody will understand. He's cute, nice, funny and he have a nice personality. He makes me smile a lot. but the problem is, I don't know if he really likes me. I've being praying to know how he feel about me, but the truth is I don't know. I know that maybe sounds lame but he's my first honest great full crush. I am friends with all his friends and I'm friends with him. He always play talks and spend time with me but I don't if he think the same thing as me I really need some answer but I don't find nothing yet. He said that I'm jealous of him and another girl when they are talking and playing. I guess I am, but I really want to tell him all those, but it's just to hard for me. I wish there was a easy way for me to tell him how I feel.

    Jenie, North Miami Beach Florida Submitted May 2012
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  • Hi my names Trisha. and I have a crush on this boy at my school. now I'm a cheerleader and usually I'm not shy to go after a kid that I'm interested in. but this guys different. his smile makes my legs weak and his eyes have the longest eyelashes in the world. I just cant find a way to say "a dude I like u" I guess its because someone already did. one of my friends thought it would b a great idea to tell him I was crushn on him WHEN HE STILL HAD A GIRLFRIEND! I know right, busted. they broke up 2 months after. now now now don't get all mad they didn't break up because of me, they broke up because she cheated and he was over her. YES! I couldn't believe it! finally! but of course me being the shy girl I am can't find the guts to tell him. Instead all that gets out of mouth is hi!!! omg. embarrassing. Anyways everytime I see him I give him a hug and he wont let me leave unless I give him one like he wants. I need help. an answer to my question. should I talk to him or just let my crush be just a crush?

    Trisha Submitted Aug 2012
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  • I'm 12 in 6 grade. Me and my crush stayed back together we went to the same school for 6 years and we live next to each other. In school they call him by his real name. I call him Nate he is just I can not explain. He left and is coming back in Nov.. I have not seen him in 6 month. Every year he lives for 6 month his sister told me he's coming back on his birthday Nov. 27. I am going to tell him I have a crush on him. Because even when he is gone I still dream about him.

    Shakirah, CT Submitted Oct 2012
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  • This boy in my school I have a crush on him for 2 years now I want to get him off my mind but I cant. He's so cute everytime I look I look at him I feel nervous and weak. I even dream about. We got the same school we got same lunch time, but I can't even say a word in front of him.

    Gina Submitted Oct 2012
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  • This poem made me get butterflies in my tummy, yum!

    Cynthia Azcrak, Candyland Ca Submitted Nov 2012
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  • Hi, my names Chloe..I'm 13 and I'm smitten on a guy I don't know..he's very handsome..and I'm quite ugly I guess..but yeah he's the first big crush I've ever had. I've never spoke to him I can't get within a few meters of him or I run away . Haha xD sweet poem .

    Chloe Submitted Jan 2013
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  • I had a crush on this one guy for 2 years. He is like my dude friend, but since the first day of school to now, I never thought less of him. I act normal around him, but every time he asks who my crush is, it KILLS me. I have every period with him in school (except one XD) I don't know. Sometimes we look at each other. I seriously wonder if he likes me two. HE MADE ME A PAPER CRANE. But I'm not sure...

    This poem really encouraged me.. but I don't think I can tell him I like him...

    Sam Submitted Feb 2013
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  • Hi, my name is Samantha. I have a crush on this guy. We are really good friends and he knows I have a crush on him. He says he does too but I'm not sure if he does feel that way. He doesn't show it. He likes to be around girls too much. I'm a very jealous type that I don't know how to react to his friendship with other girls. They are way to close. I really like him but I don't know how to show him how I really feel. It seems like he doesn't understand. I've tried it so many ways but I never get to see how much he likes me. We've had our moments but it still doesn't show me what he feels. I feel perfect by his side I'm like the happiest girl on earth. I just hope one day he'll understand and show me what he feels.

    Samantha Submitted Mar 2013
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  • Well this is a really good poem. It reminds me of me and my best friend. We are really close and the thing is that now he is so far away from me and doesn't even know that I love him. He just can't get away from my mind. Oh well I guess it's to late now...:(

    Maria Submitted 6/27/2013
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  • I day dream a lot about my crush . This past summer I met my crush. At first he wasn't my type and we have a big age gap. But when I started to talk to him, I knew that he was really cool and nice. We were together just two days when he went back to his. Although it was just a short span of time, I developed deep feelings. Today we still communicate and he knows that I have a crush on him.
    I don’t think he will ever like me in any ways other then a friend or sister. I haven't asked him because I am afraid of what the answer will be.

    Little Dreamer , Phil Submitted 7/30/2013
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  • I have this crush on a guy I get really nervous around him were really good friends. He makes me feel like no other person alive could make me feel. I want to tell him how I feel I just get really nervous and even if we do go out my best friend has a crush on the same guy she wants me to ask him out for her on February 2. I worry if he says yes I'll get mad and it will wreck our friendship but if he says no I'll be happy and she will feel sad. I don't know what to do should I tell him how I feel or let my feelings be a secret and let my friend date him?

    Dinuba, CA Submitted 1/30/2014
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  • I am currently in love with this guy Andre. He is my best friend and we spend a lot of time together. However I'm so scared to tell him that I love him. I want to on valentines day though.

    Chantel, Illinois Submitted 2/10/2014
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  • I have this crush. At first I only liked him a bit but now if he's anywhere near me I go red and can't concentrate. Sadly I don't know if he likes me back. I'm too scared to ask him out. Will we one day be in love? Who knows. But if you do ask a crush out and he doesn't like you, I understand ok? There's plenty nicer guys than him. But I'll never forget my crush now.

    Jo S, Sandwell Submitted 2/11/2014
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