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My father passed on Dec 15, 05. My 15 year old daughter wrote this poem for me. I just thought I share it with you.

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My daddy passed away 2 weeks ago and it feels like this poem was written for him and I. Every …

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© Olga

Published: Aug 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

He looks at her as she giggles.
she stares at him thinking that's my Daddy.
She gets older hardly seeing him, waiting,
no sign of him.
He comes home drunk smelling of liquor.
She doesn't care,
you're my Daddy she says and I love you.
Her mother's tired but stays with him for her children.
Daddy's little girl gets older,
she takes care of her Daddy.
He gets sick .
He is put in the hospital slowly dying,
she cries Daddy don't leave me.
Her heart is breaking slowing.
She hoping he gets better,
hoping the doctors are wrong.
Doctors give up hope but does not still hoping.
It gets harder for Daddy to breath,
three more breaths a Smile from daddy she misses it' he smiles again,
silence then he's gone.
She doesn't want to let go.
Its time to say good bye, good bye Daddy I love you.


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  • by Glenda, N. Ireland
  • 5/4/2014

My daddy passed away 2 weeks ago and it feels like this poem was written for him and I. Every word pulls at the strings of my heart and through the tears I'd like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and words x


  • by Joy , New York
  • Sep 2012

This touched my heart. I was daddy's little girl and watched him die. He took his last breathe to say I love you.


  • by Michelle
  • Mar 2012

This happened to my dad when I was 11. That was one and a half years ago. The only difference I never knew my dad he left when I was about 4 or 5. I never knew him so I don't know if I love him. I cant say good bye like you did though. I know how you feel.


  • by Laraine Smith
  • Sep 2009

My heart breaks for this little girl. This poem makes me want to cry.


  • by jessie
  • Mar 2009

well it just touched all the rights things to the dot....I did see my father passing before my eyes & when he did I was there alone with him & it was only 3 breaths he took when he said goodbye. this poem will remind me of him always. thanks for saying what I wish I could say.


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