Betrayed Friend Poem

Deceit & Deception & Trust

I have a hard time trusting so called friends. It was so many times in which I have be lied to and deceived. So many times to where I wrote a poem about it. Family and Friends

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oh my gosh I completely agree with this. I have had so many friends in my …

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Published: Aug 2008

Deceit & Deception

Lies and Deceit, it's all around me
Lies and Deceptions, two bad surroundings

I see no point, I see no end
Those are your enemies, who you think are friends.

You see and hear it, find it hard to believe
They don't want any good, but only to deceive

You don't know who to trust, everyone's a target
The things they'll do so hard to forget

Deceit and Deception, over and over
The chances of good friends ,like four leaf clovers

They'll think you don't know , or wont find out
But surely you do so without a doubt

The things that's done determines your fate
makes choices for the best, better soon than late

Lies spread like a diseased infection
Life's just full of deceit and deception


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  • by Josie, AZ
  • Dec 2010

oh my gosh I completely agree with this. I have had so many friends in my life but they are either deceiving, as you said, or they just disappear. All you really want is a good friend who will stay and be a true friend but with all those liars in the world, it makes it extremely difficult to trust the good people who deserve to be trusted!


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