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Divorced And Missing Father

When I was 7, my parents decided that it would be best for them if they got divorced. And since then my father was never really there to support me in anything I participated in, so one day I got fed up with all his broken promises, and lies about how much he really cared. So finally I poured my heart out on paper.

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That same thing happen to me but my parnets were never married. My Dad did the same thing

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© Morgan Piper

Published: Feb 2008

Through His Eyes

As I peered into the eyes of the man who I knew to be my dad;
I saw nothing;
No honor, no strength;
No humanity, no compassion;
Nothing but a black hole,
created by lies,
broken promises,
and everlasting deception;
But as I took one last look... I realized,
that just because a man is given the title of a dad doesn't make him one


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  • by Bri Lastra
  • Oct 2010

That same thing happen to me but my parnets were never married. My Dad did the same thing


  • by Marissa, Cleveland
  • Sep 2010

O my god...that is such a sad poem...that is exactly the kind of father I have right now.


  • by Stephanie
  • May 2010

when I was a little girl, I was a daddy's girl I always wanted to be around him... but the one day my life changed in a very big way... I wasn't a daddy's girl anymore.. I always thought that it was because of me... I cried all the time because of him... I missed him.. he never tried calling me... never wrote me a letter... then one day when I was 18 years old I wanted to find him because I was getting married and I had this crazy thought in my head that he would be proud of me... but once again I was let down... this poem is how I feel... you know this poem is right... just because I man is giving the title of a dad doesn't make him one... I am 20 years old now and I have only talked to my dad 4 times since I was 18 years old... some dad huh?...


  • by Lexii, Cohoes
  • Mar 2010

I love this poem. It describes my father perfectly, and (not to be mean) it's nice to know someone understands exactly how I feel.


  • by leaanna
  • Jun 2009

this is a very truthful poem that completely says anything and everything I have ever thought about my own father.


  • by Brooke
  • Apr 2009

My mom and dad divorced when I was a baby. My mom took me and my dad took my brother. My dad has never been a part of my life. He has done nothing for me. And honestly I really don't care because I have my mother and she is my everything all in one. I really like your poem its short and to the point...


  • by m
  • Sep 2008

My baby's daddy doesn't want to know him, why I don't know. But I hope some day he turns out to be as strong and as wonderful as the person who wrote this poem.


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