Abandonment Poem

Poem About Father And Bad Choices

A daughter blames her father for making bad choices and an even worse decision.

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My mom died when I was 9 and my dad just up and left when I was 12, but …

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© Lisa Wilbur

Published: Mar 2008

The Decision

I know everything I need to know
I know all the reasons you had to go.
You cannot say that I am wrong,
And I do not believe your reasons
for why you are gone!
It was not the fighting that you hated so much,
It was that you wanted something
you couldn't give up.
The things I know, the things I've seen...
I still have one question-

Is it really better than your family?


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  • by Virgina
  • Sep 2012

My mom died when I was 9 and my dad just up and left when I was 12, but while me and my brother were with him he didn't take care of us. It really hurts because I was a daddy's girl and to watch him fade away into so many different bad things just really hurts): like to hear from him he never wanted me and that I was the reason he left it just kills me inside. He is now a drug addict and takes care of 5 kids that aren't his own. He went to Cali for the lady he is with.


  • by Selena, Modesto
  • Jul 2010

my father was a alcoholic he choose his buddies and friends over me and my sister.
(I can relate -just lies he tells- )


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