Father and Child Poem

Father Daughter Poem

This poem is describes a relationship between father and daughter. The father was raised with nothing but hate. but what he gives to his family is nothing but love.

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I want a story because I need it to send to my daddy for his birthday. It …

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© Brooke L. Lusk

Published: Feb 2006

My Daddy

My daddy has been my ultimate hero
He proved to the world
He wasn't a zero

He came from a life
That tried to hold him down
Now he wears a smile
While the rest of them frown

He never knew love
And was only shown hate
But he turned it around
And made his fate

Through daughters he showed
The world he's the man
And proved to us all
He'll accomplish what he can

Morals and values
is what he taught us
Even in times
That we gave him a fuss

One of us more
Than the other two see
Knows he's far better
Than I ever could be

I've known the good life
And I've known the hard way
But it was my daddy that carried me
Through each rainy day

Every time I wished
That my life would end
On wings of an angel
His love would he send

I'll never quite know
How he's always so strong
His wisdom and strength
I always will long

I fight every day
Like I know he does too
In hope that forever
He's proud what I do

I tell ever person
You'll never beat him
Because the light he exudes
Will never go dim

Every time I'm weak
I think of my dad
It's his face I see
Whenever I'm sad

I know he wouldn't want
To see tears in my eyes
But it's for him
That my heart always cries

I finally met one
That I think he'd agree
Comes close to him
And he also will see

So until the day comes
That life rips us apart
It's the thought of my daddy
With each day I'll Start!


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  • by Gemma, Caloocan City
  • Jan 2013

I want a story because I need it to send to my daddy for his birthday. It was so long since we've been together and I am hoping that one day he will come to see me..


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