Baby Poem

A precious, cute, gorgeous little baby. Need I say more? No, but the author does.

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© Taycha D. Wolfries

Published on February 2006

God's Child

So precious a little baby girl I know
Soft and delicate
Like a porcelain doll
Ten tiny fingers
Ten tiny toes
Crying for attention
Wanting to be held and fed
Someone to rock her in the rocking chair
Sing all her favorite lullabies
That puts her back to bed
Curly black silky hair
Curves around the ribbons and bows
Mama takes her time
To make her smell unforgettable
Dresses her up in her baby doll clothes
Oh who can forget those big brown eyes?
The rain will stop
Flowers will grow
When she opens those eyes the sun will rise
Do you have a precious little someone you know?
A little someone to take care of
Watch them month by month inch by inch
As they grow?


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