Heartbreak Poem

All He Wanted Was Sex

I had a relationship and found at this is all he wanted from me. It kind of broke my heart to know when he said he loved me it was a lie

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I know how exactly you feel the same thing happened to me I was in love …

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© Ayanna

Published: Mar 2009

Heart Broken

It's like he knows
Exactly what to say.
To get me where he
Wants me.
But as soon as I say no,
He goes.
Leaving my heart breaking.
Tears feel my eyes,
As I remember his lies.
Telling me that he loves me,
Hurting me in the process.
Now I know all he wanted
Was sex.


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  • by Gloria, LA
  • Jun 2010

I know how exactly you feel the same thing happened to me I was in love with him he seemed like no other guy. I thought that he was perfect but at the end he finally showed his real face. He just came to my house just for sex when that happened he broke my heart. Thank god I didn't give him anything. I just told him that I wasn't ready and the only thing that he did just walked away but I'm here trying to forget this pain that he left =(


  • by sabrina
  • Mar 2009

I know exactly how you feel. I honestly felt like a blow up doll in my past relationships. And as soon as I would give him what he wanted he went and told the whole world then broke my heart. He told me he changed. So I took him back. And he did the whole thing over again.


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