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Hi I am Ieisha Lewis and I live in Chicago! That poem was about how my brother use to abuse me so bad at times I could barely walk! I don't blame him because he has a mental illness and sometimes it just gets out of control! I'm a family of eleven and we're all adopted and all have some sort of mental disease! THANKS and I hoped you enjoyed my poem!

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I wrote this when I was six. We had to write a poem about our families in class. I was jealous …

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© Ieisha Lewis

Published: Jul 2008

Home Is Where The Harm Is!!!!!!

The yelling and the screaming needs to stop!
I hate the monthly visits from the ambulances and the cops!
The shame and the bruises are just beginning!
So tell me why I myself am not wining!
He gets so mad and angry but no one knows why!
I hide in my room because that's the only way to survive!
My family didn't believe me until they saw it themselves.
They threw away all my belongings because I tried to get help!
I used to be afraid and cry until I was sick!
Until the cops said that BLOOD is thicker then WATER trick!
I got so mad that I couldn't take it anymore!
So I cut myself until my blood hit the floor!
I cut myself because that's the way I showed pain!
my mom thought I was crazy possibly even insane!
They left dreadful scars and more and more marks!
But home is where the HARM is until its my time to depart!


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U.S. and Canada, National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4-A-CHILD
International Sexual Assault Resources
U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233
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  • by Holly, Sydney
  • Sep 2010

I wrote this when I was six. We had to write a poem about our families in class. I was jealous because everyone got to write nice things. I am now fourteen and still in abuse. My mum ran away with her personal trainer and a baby on the way. Dad is in the Army and hardly comes home and when he does we only see him for a few hours.

I got flowers today. They are my favourite, Lilies. I got them because Uncle Hendrick hit me. This is him saying sorry. I got flowers yesterday. They were my favourite, Lilies like yesterday. I got them because Uncle Hendrick touched me. I will get flowers tomorrow. They will be my favourites, Lilies. It will be because he hit me or because he put his finger inside me. I will get flowers tomorrow.


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