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There's always a moment in our lives, when nothing seems right, and everything's wrong, and we think we've lost hope. God knows I've had those moments, and it seems that it will never be alright again. But believe it or not, there's always hope, even if it's just a little flicker. Hold onto that flicker of hope.

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I believe there is a path and a purpose for all of us. The first step is …

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Published: Sep 2012

Hope Is Always There

In a sea of darkness
Searching for the light
But those who you once loved
Have left you to deal; alone
Ask for help, no one will come
But most of all, don't you lost hope
Hope is always there
Even in the roughest moments
Hope, I need you
Hope, I want you
You need something to hold onto
Hope is gone...
Is it really gone?
The demon inside you, grows stronger every day
We all have our demons
Everybody suffers
Everybody deals
Everybody copes
Everybody breaks
Everybody hopes
Everybody cries
Don't you cry
There's always hope
Angels, where have you gone?
Do not leave me here, alone
"I need help"
Hearts breaks
Souls dies
Hearts shatters
I will not be silenced
Hope always remains
Brother, I need you now
The war's not over yet
Hold onto me, we still have time
Because hope's always there
Even in the darkest times
I fall into your sunlight


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  • by Moya, Honduras
  • 4/23/2014

I believe there is a path and a purpose for all of us. The first step is asking this with all your heart. In your path you may encounter difficulties and feel alone or in pain, but Angels, Universe, God, that something you asked for a purpose, will help you all along. And as you go walking this path, you will slowly going to feel the beautiful and alive feeling -of being in life-. Whatever you are going through, keep going please, we all need you.


  • by Beautiful, Inidianapolis,Indiana
  • Oct 2012

Hey, well here I am writing to you about my love experience. As of right now I am in a relationship with a boy. We have been going together for a couple weeks now and of course we really care about each other. Still I feel pretty weird how we met because it all started when I was in my Spanish 1 class in my schedule had gotten changed so I was in a different Spanish class. So my teacher assigned me my seat and I ended up setting by this boy. And I kept wondering why he would keep glancing over at me but I didn't really pay him any attention because of course I didn't know him. So all of a sudden his paper end up falling on the floor and it landed near me. So me being kind I picked the paper up and when I looked up I was looking in his eyes and from that day on we've had convo and till this day we're a couple.


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