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Sometimes if you just remove the self, you can see what's behind it.

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Published on April 2011

I Went To The Life Store

I went to the life store,
one I've never been before
I wanted a new life
new house, new job, new wife
the Keeper pointed...aisle three
there they were; price...free
they were countless; but no label
I asked the Keeper; how am I able...
He stopped me and said, "here's the deal,
you have to pick....pick by feel"
so I took one up
and held it tight
Oh! the is the one
it's full of love, hope, joy and light
I'll take it, can I open it to see?
The Keeper said "Sure, but no return, no guarantee"
No problem I said....perfectly fine
I looked inside; and it was MINE
"Funny" the Keeper said
"that happens every time"


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