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A girl writes a tribute to her grandmother who has just passed away.

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In three days, it will have been a year since my grandmother died. I miss …

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© Natasha L. Cervi

Published: Feb 2006

I'm Going To Miss My Grandma

There was this lovely lady that had came from oversea
She had a lot of relatives and one of them was me

She told me stories about Hitler and how she went in jail
Because she loved a Serbian but yet she would never fail

She came back to America with some family, and left her friends,
And lived through a tragic lifestyle with a heart that wouldn't mend

She started to lose some children first Pete, Danny and Mike
Now it's down to 9 kids something that we all don't like

We all had our great memories and thank God that they will last,
Because just the other night that lady had just passed.

That lady was my grandma, someone everyone adored
Losing her is like it's over, but now she's with the Lord.

There's a lot about my grandma that I know I'm going to miss,
Just the simple things like a hug and a kiss.

Or even things she'd say, as I'd walk into the door,
'Hey you little rats, but them I miss her even more.

Also, even sometimes when you'd make her say the third
She would yell at you for making fun of her because she'd say the "turd".

Those are something's you can't forget, the memories that we had,
And that's all that can keep us going, keep us going from being sad.

Just remember when you're down, that she will never part,
Because forever is where she'll stay forever in our heart


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  • by Mike, DE
  • Apr 2011

In three days, it will have been a year since my grandmother died. I miss her more than anything. She had been fighting with cancer for over 10 years and each time it knocked her down, she always picked herself back up again. She passed away on my birthday, and its going to take forever until I finally get over this. This poem was beautifully done, and thank you for sharing it


  • by Taftville, Ct
  • Dec 2010

This poem made me cry because my grandma is dying of cancer too. She's been fighting it for years now and always seems to pull through but this time I just feel like she doesn't want to fight anymore . She's my grandma but she's like a mother because she raised me.. Still can't understand why we have to die '(


  • by Tina, PA
  • Oct 2010

I lost my Gram-Bam, step dad, and my brother in law. I miss them everyday. My Gram-Bam and I was really close. We talked about everything I would talk to her everyday. She was just like my mom. My step dad been there since I was a baby and I miss how things use to be. My brother in law Mike was like be everyone we all hung out and had a great time. When my Husband and his brother gets together you know your in for a fun night!!!


  • by Morgan, Norwich NY
  • Jun 2010

This poem touched me because I am losing my great grandma and it's really hard on me right now. She's dying of cancer and I just don't want to let go


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