Just Friends Poem

I wanted to show my friend Leo that we are friends, and just friends and I don't mind that so I wrote him this in class (the teacher saw me to!) so I thought I'd write it up! hope you enjoy (PS I was being silly about the fish and a gill!)

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Published: Nov 2010

Just Friends

We are friends,
Just friends mind,
Cos were together forever,
To me you're always kind,
I hope I return the favour,
Cos one thing for certain,
The decision to be friends is one,
Upon which I did not waver.

I love to be just friends,
Cos I can lie you know,
Thought I don't love you like that,
I'm not going to let you go.
I want you to understand,
I'll be there for you,
And if anything should happen,
I think I'd die with you.

I want to be just friends,
It makes us stronger still,
You helped me off and on the road,
I need you like sir like a fish needs a gill (?)
I wish we could be like this,
I want to make you see,
As long as I am there for you,
I don't expect you to be there for me.

Love you


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