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This is a poem inspired by my beautiful wife, the answer to my prayers and the breath that gives me life. We all must pass through trying times, but to try without my Pammy would be impossible. I am and will be dedicated and devoted to her for life.

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My lifelong best friend and now love of my life is in prison for something …

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Published: Dec 2008

Just You And Me

I promise my devotion, honest and true
I would give up life just for you

I am at times without words to say
But I never forget to tell you that I love you each day

I was a child who had not much in life until one fall day
That was when God sent me you and you helped me to find my way

We were young, and I could not drive
But just to walk and talk with you made me feel so alive

I would place you on my shoulders and carry you home from school
A half mile walk it was, I did it for love and not to be cool

I would run from my home to yours every day
And while I was running, do you know what I prayed

I prayed to God that if I ran all the way
That God would make you my wife someday

God did answer those prayers, it's true
Because I was blessed and able to marry you

Now here we are in trying times
Please don't give up, let's pray and I trust that we will be fine

I am so blessed to have known you in this life
Please don't give up, I love you my wonderful wife

We have been together in love for so long
To give up now would just be so wrong

Just look at our names and it easy to see
We were meant to be together, just you and me

Too many it's Pam and Dan, yep that's me and you
But I swear to my Pammy that Danny will always be true

I love you Pammy that can't you see
Without you, My Pammy, there is no me


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  • by Wendy, North Catolna
  • 7/6/2014

My lifelong best friend and now love of my life is in prison for something that wasn't his fault. We have been like brother and sister since I was 10 him 11. We always stayed in touch. And I loved him dearly since we met. We write all the time and he calls once weekly if possible. I'm praying his appeal comes through. It feels funny having my best male friend as my boyfriend but my feelings never went away for him.


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