Grandfather Poem

Poem About Wanting to Learn About Culture

A boy writes a letter to his grandfather, asking him to share the rich culture and values that he grew up with.

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© Sandra I. Sandoval

Published: Feb 2006

A Letter To My Grandfather


I need your culture to survive.
This environment confuses me.
I feel a deep hallow in my soul;
I'm losing my language and my identity.
Teach me your games and songs;
Tell me your stories and legends.
I need your valuable heritage rich with values.
Explain to me the Mexican sayings;
Dance with me 'El Jarabe Tapatio';
Let's sing together 'Cielito Lindo!'
Open your wardrobe (armoire)
I want to dress like a true Mexican Charro!
Give me with your heritage, your culture.
Guide me.
Show me your experiences,
When you were a kid and use to play
With the spinning top and the colorful marbles.
Take my hand.
Don't let me grow without identity,
Without values,
Without your culture,
Your heritage.

Your Grandson


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