Poem about Family

In this poem, the author experiences an epiphany realizing it is not the place she lives that is important. What is important is that she is with her family.

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© Fawn M. Georgia

Published: Feb 2006

Letting Home Go

I had this crazy dream last night, that I found this baby deer.
In this dream I had my family all here.
I wanted the fawn to stay with me, and take her to my place.
she was so warm and cozy, and had a sweet little face.
But she looked so very hungry, so I brought her inside.
But as soon as we got in, I broke down and cried.
This was the place I grew up, the place I called home.
What was going on here? I felt so alone.
The house was just a mess, and the walls were all bare.
I couldn't stand the thought, someone else was living there.
This is MY home, I belong here.
Just me and my family, and my sweet little deer.
so I went back out to sit, so I wouldn't be so sappy.
but a different family was there, they seemed to be real happy.
In one of the kids I saw my happy face, I realized that these children really needed this place,
Just like they need each other, they now have a beautiful home, a father and a mother.
So I said goodbye to the yard, as tears rolled from my eyes, this isn't my dad's anymore, it's some other guy's.
It's no longer mine to show, I just knew I had to let it go.
I know how much home meant to me,
So I let the fawn run home, let her run free.
I woke up last night, my face full of tears, I had to wipe them up, and let go of my fears.
I no longer have that home, but now I can see, that I only need my family, who's still as happy as can be.


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