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Poem About Covering Up the Pain

Some people in life get lost and swept under the rug, too many to be saved and it's a shame. Not everything in life is beautiful, but it is real. Real life.

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This poem sums up everything I feel. I'm 17 and in terrible heart ache. I …

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Published: Oct 2008

Lip Stick Smile

A candle is lit but wishes to die.
memories are made but will later make you cry.
she's 17 and jaded,
no one really cares.
too many shadows have passed her by,
too many to bare.
There's a bright light for guidance she can't see.
misery is all to be known
and now she's just a reflection of me.
heart reak hotel
that's were she's been living her whole life.
until all seconds disappear
she will stand guarded with her knife.
a lipstick smile to hide her from her pain
twenty hits of acid the law calls her legally insane.
she started a fire she never knew how to light
she's seen so much pain she's given up her sight.
she's looking for you, can you see her now?
I can tell you want to help her but you'll never
know how


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  • by Carina, New York
  • Mar 2012

This poem sums up everything I feel. I'm 17 and in terrible heart ache. I suffer from chronic depression and many other mental illnesses. Everyone makes fun of me that I'm crazy. The sad part is I smile and put up a great front so know one even knows how much pain I'm in. Often I wonder maybe they do see and they just don't care. I always feel like I'm never enough, that I'm unworthy of love, and I hate that I'm always left behind. My best friend today told me she lost her virginity to her boyfriend. She's like me and even she has moved on leaving me totally alone. Worst part is I'm madly in love with this boy. We had a thing for a moment there I thought he was the one. He listened to me and acted like he genuinely cared but then when I went to visit him I found out majority of our time he had a girlfriend that he loved. I know they will stay together or he will find someone else who isn't me. I know he will never love me the way I love him. But I still long for him. I feel so alone.


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