In Memory Poem

A woman shares fond memories of growing up with her brother who has passed away.

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© Melinda K. Hayes

Published: Feb 2006

Love You Brother

Let me see your smile.
We'll run down to the fallen pine
and play for just a while.
You can be whoever you choose,
I'll be someone too,
As long as we are hero enough,
to keep Thor from getting our shoes.
Let's get Charlotte an Aggie,
and go jump into the creek or run down to the electric fence
and convince Charley to take a leak.
Later we'll sneak to Ma's kitchen
for sugar and some bread,
maybe whisper little nothings
just to mess with Eddie's head.
Hide and seek, kick the can
tie Charley to a tree.
King of the hill, racing bikes
dare Charley to turn the key.
Foolish dares and mischievous plans
witty bunch of hooligans.
Oh how we can get under Mom's skin
with all of our shenanigans.
So much did we say and do,
such sweet memories of you.
Sad it is, to not have one last chance
to sit and reminisce about our past.
Laughter to the point of tears
of all we shared throughout the years.
We may still see each other,
sometime in a dream,
we'll walk along and old dirt rode
sharing how it use to be.
Or perhaps
I'll hear that childhood laugh
and you'll let me see that smile.
We'll run down to that fallen pine
and play for just a while.


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