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I never had a friendship with my dad but my friend who is older although I know him for two years he made me more family than anyone I could think of today he is sick with a cancer stage 4. so this goes out for him.

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I have a best friend and she has a fatal illness and we don't know how …

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© Mohamed Al Marzouqi

Published: Sep 2011

Me, My Friend And Cancer

I thought I had big problems
Until I realized your problems
Chemotherapy visits and checks
And months without an answer
Now I really feel shame and sick
My problem is nothing but a basic
I don't know how much you suffered
Or your internal been injured
You bring hot tears to my eyes
And my heart from sorrow it fries
You look healthy yet you are stage four
In the hospital out there looking for cure
But I have faith in you now even more
You will fight the cancer and win the war
I apologize for my ignorance earlier
Going on about me when you have a cancer
My world has become broken and lost.
And the expanses your chemo most cost
Struggling abroad to make a living
Across the globe you are praying
That all this problem can be solved
Your family and friends can be involved


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  • by Lillie Mama
  • Jun 2013

I have a best friend and she has a fatal illness and we don't know how much longer we will be together. I just know that when the time comes that I will miss her so much. All I can do is just pray and ask for strength that I need. I ask God to let me be of help and be strong for those who needs me. Please pray for Jackie an her family & me. GOD BLESS


  • by Lele, Usa
  • Dec 2011

My best friend and sister in law is losing her fight to cancer. She has fought courageously for 3 years now enduring endless trips to the hospital for chemo, infusions, etc. My heart is breaking as I see her in more pain all the time, yet she continues to fight and be strong for all around her.

You are amazing, Jeannie. We love you.


  • by Deborah
  • Dec 2011

I have a Dear Loved Friend who is fighting 2 kinds of Cancer. I just don't want to loose her.
she has brought joy, love and music to me. I just pray she stays strong and continues to fight.
My heart breaks for her. She is a truly a amazing lady. I love you Lady.


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