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January 10th was the last time I talked with my friend Alexander R. he is my ex's older brother. he moved to FL. and I miss him so for the fact cuz I just didn't lose a friend, I lost a brother too. Alex grew on me like an older brother and that is what he is to me a brother. I just never got the chance to tell. He is more the just a friend but a brother too. Now I never will get the chance so I hope if he ever dose come across this poem I'll be please then he'll know what he means to me

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November 2012

Missing A Perfect Friend

I miss a perfect friend,
A friend I thought I would never lose.

You are a great person,
A gentle soul too.

You are a sweetheart,
And have a heart of gold to show.

You are the best,
But I knew it never was going to last.

You are more then a friend to me,
You're my brother too,

I'm sorry I never told you,
You were a brother to me.

I just didn't lose my friend,
I lost my brother too.

I love my friend,
I love my brother.

I miss so much,
I now cry for you.

I miss my brother so much too,
I just never had the heart to tell you.

I hope we can meet again,
It'll be nice to have you back.

Not just as a friend,
But as my brother too.


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