Abandonment Poem

Poem About Pain Caused By Dad Leaving

A daughter expresses the void in her life missing a person who is most important.

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© Casi J. Pfile

Published: Feb 2006


My Friend,
You tried to cheer me when I was sad;
you always knew when I was really felt bad,
cause of humor, I mean my dad,
I wish I could show him, let him see,
he didn't just leave my mom he also left me,
and I always wish the dreams of him would let me be,
so now I locked him out of my heart and threw away the key,
I wish I could see him now,
and ask him why, what, where, and how,
and maybe then I wouldn't give a cow,
if he was here when I was young,
I don't think I would have done all the things I have done,
but if he left after I ever knew him I would have missed him a ton,
maybe he would have called me Honeybun,
I wish he were here to capture all my fear,
I miss him a lot even though I never knew him.
I don't care about anything or what he's got,
but one thing he should have is me and my mom,
those two should have walked down the aisle and said I do,
But things are different nowadays,
and I'll have to except that in my own way!


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