Brother Death Poem

I wrote this poem 2 weeks after my brother took his own life away. I has been a year now, but the pain didn't get better. these words are just a way of expressing the pain I guess. he is missed-- Mehrshad Shokravi (October 31, 1980-october 8, 2007)

Missing You Forever

© Sanaz Shokravi
it's been 2 weeks today
that you finally got it your way
you left us here, without a farewell
leaving behind just your smell

everyone tells me to respect your decision
and understand that you fulfilled your mission
but they don't understand my pain
they don't know how it feels to be stuck under the rain

I wish I could hold you
and tell you that I love you
I wish I could understand
I wish I was there to hold your hand
maybe I could have changed your mind

the night that you decided to leave
and to no longer believe
I know you weren't afraid anymore
of who would be waiting for you at the door

I finally saw your last letter
I was hoping it would make me feel better
instead I miss you more
and your last words made me swore
it made me wish you weren't gone
because I don't know for how long I can stay strong

it's been 2 weeks I lost you brother
it's been 2 weeks I lost my other
I wish you had given me the chance
to take one last glance
at you face filled with love
before you fly away like a dove

rest in peace brother
I hope you will no longer suffer
I will be waiting for you in my dreams
to re-live all those beautiful memories.

sanaz shokravi
in the memory of my big brother
Mehrshad Shokravi


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Published: Oct 2008

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  • I loved this poem... I also lost my brother cause he took his life... and this just made me cry my eyes out which is a good thing…

    cassie Submitted Aug 2009
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  • That's Just So Touching..
    I Lost My Brother Too, May All De Bros Rest In Peace..

    SaddestEmo Submitted Sep 2009
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  • Lost my brother just over a week ago. he took his life.
    The hurt is incredible, such a large part of my life gone, with no goodbye.
    your poem touched me, thanks.

    Doug, England Submitted Nov 2009
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  • I loved your poem I lost my brother a little over 4 months ago to suicide and I was one of the ones who actually found him me and my little sister thank you for sharing this....

    Erica, TX Submitted Feb 2010
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  • This poem really touched my soul, I wished I could express myself in this way. My brother at the age of 24 took his life September 15th, 2008. And it is still fresh in my mind everyday. I cry, I blame, I laugh, I get mad. I hate knowing the fact that I could of changed this. Someone please tell me its ok to feel all of this.

    Emmie, Michigan Submitted Apr 2010
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  • My older brother also took his life at age 24 on November 18,2003. It really reminded me of him and made me start crying in the middle of my lit class. I miss him so much every word seemed like a poem that I would write. A lot of the brother poems remind me of my Jeffrey whom I miss so dearly!

    Jacquelynn, Michigan Submitted Apr 2010
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  • My brother killed himself 3 weeks ago today and even though we were 7 yrs apart and we were not very close its the worst feeling in the world. I have a hard time even going thru each day. but this poem has really helped me. Thank you

    Brittany, Iowa Submitted May 2010
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  • My brother died 4 months ago I am 11 and he was 25. I miss him very much we both were very close that's a very great feeling in the world. It was very difficult for me to go thru each day. Your poem really helped me to feel the lost glance of my brother. THANK-YOU

    Avani, Indore Submitted Jul 2010
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  • I am 11, My Brother was 17, with a little daughter named Ruby, he wont ever get to see her first tooth :'(
    Rest In Peace to all the brothers who have sadly gone, but gone to a happy place xx
    Loved this poem, cried and used 200k tissues :''( xx

    Charlotte, Liverpool Submitted Aug 2010
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  • Thank you for this I lost my brother Friday Sept. 24, 2010 to suicide I was here at my house while he did it. I can't get over and know I never will but thank you for this poem. People keep telling me it will get better but I know it won't I already miss him so much and I just wish I could have changed his mine before the alcohol did.

    Michele, California Submitted Sep 2010
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  • I found this so close to home, my brother killed himself October 10th 2007, and he was on the phone with me, no matter how much Psychology I had taken, nothing came to mind to say, but to scream no, I love you,, and him replying "Babie I love you too"..

    Stevie Submitted Oct 2010
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  • This poem speaks out to a lot of people and to me. I lost my brother 2 years ago the same way and the pain and regret won't go away ever, but it will soften.
    Rest in peace to your, mine, and anyone else's brother.

    Patricio ,Myfas Ca Submitted Oct 2010
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  • I lost my 19 year old brother due to taking his own life and it's really hard to deal with I miss you Brett...
    R.I.P Brett Allen Chamberlain 3/12/91 - 7/20/10

    Mike, Delaware Submitted Dec 2010
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  • I lost my baby brother on 11/11/10. He was only 17. Growing up it was only him and me. He did not take his life he was taking apart my grandfathers old gun and it went off. I lost my bestfriend that day!! He was all I ever really had and I miss him every single day!! thank you for your poem it is absolutely beautiful!!

    Sarah, Louisiana Submitted Jan 2011
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  • Hi , My Name is Jennifer, and I was reading your poem, is it amazing, and it brought a smile and tears to my face, I lost my brother Justin a year ago, of taking his own life, on new years. of last year.
    We all have to be strong, and hold on with everything we have but its to tough. I think about him everyday, and I know this seems weird, but after he died, I said I will never be afraid to die, because he will be the one there waiting for me. I love you Justin, and this poem opened my eyes, knowing I am not the only going through it. We all have different feelings about the situation, but I think about Justin everyday- the time I get up to the time I go to bed .
    thank you so much ..

    Jennifer Parsons, Nl Submitted Jan 2011
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  • That poem describes how I feel to the T!! I lost my little brother June 13 2011 to suicide due to pain he was going through mentally, he just graduated high school and had a huge road paved in front of him but instead he took the dirt road over something so stupid and not worth it. thank you for posting this poem it sunk in a lot.

    Johny Richards Submitted Mar 2011
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  • Hi, I just read your poem it was BEAUTIFUL! It still has me crying. The poem describes the exact same pain I'm going through. I lost my little brother of a drug overdose this new year. I still can't believe he's gone. Sooo much I wish I could of told him or done different. SOMEDAY BRO WE'LL BE TOGETHER AGAIN!!! Miss you Adrain!

    Rachel Yuma, AZ Submitted Mar 2011
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  • 22 years ago on the 4th of July my big brother took his life. Sadly it doesn't get any easier with time. I miss him and often wonder what might have been, and who'd he be now, would I have nieces and nephews, would he be a grandfather? I could go on and on, but it doesn't change a thing, he's gone but not forgotten.

    Anita Cruise, Oregon Submitted Jul 2011
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  • What a lovely poem. I lost my brother 6 months ago at 30 years old. I miss him so much. he died of natural causes and it's not getting any easier.

    Ireland Submitted Aug 2011
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  • I lost my brother two days ago to cancer. It has been very hard on all the family especially the grandkids the don't know what has happened to him. It is hard too lose a loved one.

    Darlene Shade, Mich Submitted Sep 2011
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  • OMG this describes everything in my life. I'm 16 and my 19 year old brother took his own life 7 months ago and it still doesn't seem real.

    Tiffanny, Brisbane Submitted Nov 2011
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  • I was searching the internet to help me deal with my pain. We buried my brother Saturday after he took his life. Thank you for your poem. I can't imagine how the pain is ever going to go away. I know he was a lost soul and keep praying his soul was found by God, and that he is with our mother, who he missed so badly. I LOVE YOU David.
    David A. Pittenger 8/6/1959 - 11/21/2011

    M. Rae Yingling, Fl Submitted Nov 2011
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  • Wow, Now that I've cried, and blown my nose, I am amazed, this poem is so touching, It took me back to the day my brother, my only sibling took his own life at the age of 19. All of us, 25 people posted about this poem, on this page, going through the pain of our brothers suicide. I want to pray for all of our brothers, mine & yours, that all of them will finally be at PEACE. And that we will all see them again. Bless all of you, and your bros, and thank you for your poem which has touched all of our hearts.
    Rest in Peace my brother John Manderscheid
    I miss you - I love you.

    Steven, California Submitted Jan 2012
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  • I just happen to stumble upon this poem searching for one to put in the paper on the anniversary of my brother's death. He, too, took his own life 4 years ago on January 12th. It's such a shame that such wonderful lives have to be taken from us far too soon! He was my older brother and only sibling. He was just 28 at the time and now will forever be to me. This is a tough year for me since I will be turning 28 myself when my protector and older brother is always 28. Thanks for sharing this poem with all of us that grieve a suicide!
    Joshua Paul Smith

    Jodi, Illinois Submitted Jan 2012
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  • Today is my lil brother birthday and his death feels like it happened yesterday not 11 years ago..pain doesn't go away instead it hurts more...your poems helps me deal with his passing. Thank you

    Maria Moya, Sunset Prk, Bklyn Submitted Jul 2012
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  • Very hard to read through but I couldn't pull my eyes away. My lil brother of 22 yrs took his life on May 4 and I will never be who I was again. Travis, I miss you...

    Tyson Submitted Jul 2012
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  • My brother took his life almost 6 months ago, and to myself, my surviving brother and sister it feels like just yesterday. The guilt, anger, emptiness, sadness, pain will never go away. We will never be the same again. Its comforting to know that we are not the only ones out there that feel this way...
    Your poem was beautiful, exactly how I feel.
    R.I.P Will 8/26/74-3/2/12 We will always love you

    Ls, New York, Ny Submitted Aug 2012
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  • Thank you for this poem! It was very sincere and very touching. I lost my younger brother 5 months ago to suicide. He was only 14 and we were just a few years apart. We were so close and I have so many regrets-- I often find myself thinking of all the ways I could have prevented it. Not a day goes by where I don't miss him dearly.
    I wish lots of support to everyone else out there who has lost their brother, or other loved ones to suicide. The pain will never go, but remember to stay strong!

    You'll be forever loved, Josh.
    Joshua Kenneth May

    Ally, Charleston SC Submitted Oct 2012
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  • My brother took his own life on 10-19-2012 and reading this poem made me feel a little knowing that I'm not alone on how I feel would it ever get better

    Amanda, IL Submitted Nov 2012
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  • I lost my brother 7 months ago. It's been the most painful thing I've ever encountered. He was only 15 and I'm only a few years older, 18. It was a Thursday night, we argued, and the next thing I know "call 911!!" It tore me to pieces. I feel so much guilt and regret. I miss so much.

    Jose Antonio Rodriguez
    1/14/97 - 5/10/12

    Christina, TN Submitted Dec 2012
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  • My brother took his life in June 2008. Its been a daily struggle for me. He tried to do it in front of me and another one of my brothers. The night he committed suicide I tried and tried calling him. I thought he was just sleeping because he had work the next day. I'd give anything if I would of just went and checked on him. I miss you sooo much Marvin. R.I.P Bro. This is a very good poem. Love ya bro

    Tracy, Vinegrove Ky Submitted Jan 2013
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  • My brother passed away 3 weeks ago and its very sad because I'm not with them when he take away his life. He was the only one among my brothers who helped me with my school so now I'm in college far away from home and they called me that he's already gone it so sad.....I'm 19 and he's 26

    Seloma,Guam Submitted Apr 2013
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  • This is such a beautiful poem! It is exactly how I feel. I lost my brother through suicide 2 and a half years ago, tomorrow. Our lives have stood still since 11 Nov 2012. Its so difficult to move on from that day. I pray for the day till we meet again. Love you Shailen.

    Redica Intini, Cape Town Submitted 5/10/2013
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  • This poem really hit home for me.. Everything written is exactly how I feel. Reading this poem and everyone's replies has comforted me somehow - at least I am not alone and other people understand what I am going through.
    I lost my brother about a month ago and he also took his own life - 5 days short of his 29th birthday. it was the worst day of my life and I am still so heartbroken and sad - I miss him with all my heart. I suppose I always will miss him and things won't ever really be the same. I wish there was someway I can bring him back but unfortunately life doesn't work out that way :(

    Rest in paradise my little brother. I love and miss you so so much.

    Rt, Canada Submitted 7/10/2013
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  • I lost my younger brother last week Monday 20 Jan 14. He was only 25 years old, he turned 25 on the 10th of January. He had worked in the same co. with me for two years and resigned to take on a new job 600km from me but be close to my parents. He hung himself and left a note saying his family life was good but he hated his life because he felt he didn''t achieve anything, but yet he was my strength, my family's shining later, so altruistic that he'd give to others before himself. I feel I can never accept his death, the emptiness is horrible!!! I love him so much yet I never probed into the depth of his depression. I cannot wait until the day we meet on that beautiful shore.

    Fz, South Africa Submitted 1/27/2014
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  • I lost my brother 4 years ago on March 10th 2010 to suicide. When I got to Pietermaritzburg from Johannesburg my brother was in the hospital, he had taken an overdose but went into a coma. He survived for 3 days on machines and his lungs eventually collapsed. He was only 17 years old. Sadly the abuse from my stepfather was too much. As the 10th of March approaches I live this nightmare all over again as I will never forget and can never erase the memory of having to watch him die. Even though I cherish all the good memories, for more each year that he is gone is just so painful. I just miss him so much. My heart is still broken.

    Sashin, may you fly high with the angels above, may sit besides Gods throne and be happy then you have ever been. I dream of your hugs and laughter, you were the light of our lives and you will be forever missed. Love you always, your big sister, Verona

    Pietermaritzburg, South Africa Submitted 2/25/2014
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  • Thanks to the writer of this poem, I exactly feeling what she is writing in this poem. I lost my big brother just a month ago, he took his own life because his wife left him and could not take the pain anymore and took solace to alcohol, became very depressed. He hanged himself, I'm in soo much pain and missing him soo much. I'm soo broken hearted, and I was web browsing looking for anything that can at least enlighten my heart and I found this poem, thinking I'm not alone grieving for a lost brother from depression makes it a little easier. I haven't have a good sleep since he left. I miss him soo much. God Bless his soul. I love you Manong Edrot.

    Marisol, Australia Submitted 3/25/2014
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  • It's been a month since my one and only little brother was shot and killed 2 days before his birthday he past on. Didn't even make it to see his birthday. Now I'm miserably lost without him knowing I'm never going to see that beautiful smile of his. All I got is memories to hold on to, and I actually went to go dress my little brother for his own funeral really damn you could not even imagine how I felt to dress him cold...not my brother it wasn't time he left me too soon and alone, cold and dead. May you rest in paradise. I'll see you soon. I love you and miss you like I can't go on anymore...keep me strong!!! God Bless Everyone....L.V.C.

    L.Temper, Las Vegas Nevada Submitted 4/3/2014
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