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When I was 12 my mother died from heart failure, now that I'm 15 I understand more and more each day. My dad wanted to get on with life as soon as possible, therefore I wasn't able to show my true emotion, my true feelings. Now, in this poem it explain exactly how I feel after 3 years of confusion and depression.

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Soo sorry for your loss. You are a great writer. This poem was soo greatly written, I almost cried :'(

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Mom?, Where Have You Gone?

© Tala Bloneau

Published on April 2011

I will never again
see your smiling face.
I will never again
feel your warm embrace.

I cry everyday
Wishing you'd come back.
Life just isn't the same
With the Mother I lack.

"I miss you mom,
Where have you gone?"
My days alone,
Just seem to long

I Scream and yell in anger
Wondering why your not here
I scream and yell in Sadness
Wishing you were near..

Somedays I feel
I can't handle the Pain
Somedays I cry knowing
That I'll never see your face again.

I looked up to the sky
and screamed ''Why Lord! Why!"
and as I fell to the ground
all I could do is cry..

Maybe God put you there
for a reason.
Maybe so I can see you
In every Season

Maybe Life Isn't so bad
with you gone.
Maybe you've been
With Me all Along

I miss you mom,
Where have you gone?
My days alone, are still to long..



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  • by Mac_n_cheese8, Falls city,NE
  • 1 month ago

Soo sorry for your loss. You are a great writer. This poem was soo greatly written, I almost cried :'(

  • by Gourima
  • 1 year ago

Very sorry for your loss but you have written amazingly.

  • by Abby
  • 5 years ago

My mom passed my seventh grade year and I am also fifteen now, and it is super hard, a year later my dad went to jail.... I love your poem, and I'm sorry for your loss.

  • by Breton Delayne White
  • 5 years ago

My father passed away when I was 12 from a rare type of cancer (1/15 cases in history) and I am now also 15 learning more each day... my mother did the same thing... so sorry for your loss

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