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I wrote this the week my sister passed from a fight with cancer. I will always miss her and try everday to deal with the pain.

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God bless. Keep up the fight! You are a great person .

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More Time

© Shavon McClendon

Published on November 2008

Hold love ones close to you
Don't stray away whatever you do
Once the time you have is gone it's gone
And the feeling is unbearable
Time waits on no one
I keep telling myself not today
All day I pray
Help me god! Help me god! Help me!
Can we go back please God let me
It's too late
Can things be undone please please
I'll pay any rate
No it's too late
My heart is filled with pain
The tears come down like rain
We can't change things now
But my mind is racing with "what if"
Why can't cancer end like a fairytale or even be a myth
Somebody please take this sorrow
It's too late
Time does not wait

Love you always "Ton"


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  • by Crystione Washington
  • 10 months ago

I'm sorry for your loss. I know how it feels. My grandmother is fighting throat and lung cancers and there are some days when I wonder what's the point of life, because if she dies, I die, because she is my life.

  • by Chacha, Florida
  • 2 years ago

I was told I have stage 4 colon cancer back in June of 2010. I am still fighting. Your poem has given me more strength in order to keep up that fight as well as have several others on this site.

  • by Carmel
  • 5 months ago

God bless. Keep up the fight! You are a great person .

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