Prayer Poem

This poem to wrote to express my feelings of not only a broken heart but a heart ready to love again.

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© Samantha Vandervoort

Published on August 2010

Morning Prayers

Waking alone to morning light,
I pull myself up to continue the fight,
Sending off prayers with all my might,
Creator hear me, I'm not out of sight.

Your cruelty can't bring me down
Your just a boy trying to make me frown
But I'll block you out won't hear a sound
My will to go on you will never drown

I will still pray for you no idea why,
Even after you told me you wanted me to die,
Even after you fooled me with lies,
Your karma is for Creator to decide.

I prey for the guardian warrior man
He picked me up took my hand
I seen a loyalty I could not understand
Gave me his protection without no demands.

I pray for my friends who believe in me,
They help me remember the things I don't see,
They won't turn their backs and let me be,
Never fearing they will just up and leave.

My prayers continue and rise with the sun,
Hurts that can never be undone
Creator reminds me I'm not one
That I have much to learn I am still young.


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