Mother Daughter Poem

Mother Daughter Bond Poem

A bond between a mother and daughter that endures because they are both women.

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I have MS. My daughter and I share our thoughts and know exactly what we …

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© Shannon N. Stratychuck

Published: Nov 2007

Mother Daughter Bond

Now see, My Mother, We are really not that close,
Yet, we share a mother & daughter bond
A goal, A unity.
Not because she is my mother, and I her daughter
But because we are both women
In a world full of wife beaters and rapists
And even worse, simply a life of hurt
We need to stay together
To survive, To love, To live
We need to stand up for our rights
My mother lives in this world as a woman
She fights for what she knows is right
She worked so hard to bring me up to be a woman.
I give her in return, what I feel she deserves,
And even then we will continue to live,
As women together,
Here forever, on this sacred earth.........


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  • by Jodie
  • Feb 2012

I have MS. My daughter and I share our thoughts and know exactly what we always need from each other. She has a thought and I speak it unknowingly. She is only five and I am proud of who I have guided her to be. As I am sure she also is proud of me. I am a writer.


  • by Diana
  • Nov 2008

My daughter is being abused by her father. I am fighting to get her with me. Although I am in SSD/SSI It makes it hard for me to get a lawyer to help me.

This poem really hit home with me. As my eyes filled with tears and I feel her pain, I am doing everything in my power to get her where she is safe. She knows that I love her and care for her. It breaks my heart to wait and go through the right channels like I need to.


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