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My Child's Child

This poem describes some of the thoughts that go through a grandmother's mind as she holds her granddaughter for the first time.

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I'm sending this poem to our son, who is in Iraq. He has only seen his …

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© Sherrie Collins

Published: Feb 2006

My Childs Child

a journey in my mind today '
I watch the years fly, where is my little boy?
The pictures that tell a story how you grew so fast.
Once a little boy with trucks and slides
to fill your day.
A grown man now who changed his name.
A precious little flower,
a kiss from heaven was born today.
She'll call him Daddy, looking in her eyes,
his Reflection he will see.
Finally, he will understand the love I feel for him.
In an instant, his world will change forever.
His journey in life on a new path, one filled with
Crayons finger-paint and giggles.
Finding pleasure in everyday things, the world
Will look brand new.
I never thought I could love my little boy more
But on this day when he placed my grandchild in
My arms I swear I do.
I realize what a gift we received.
My child's child '
amazed as I kiss her soft cheek.
I will reach for my son's hand,
to offer encouragement and support.
Yesterday's memories tucked away in my heart.
Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.
Amazed by the love I have for both of them.
A part of my soul he now passes to her.
The best father he wants to be.
A secret I whisper to him
A life filled with honesty and unconditional love'
That my son is the key.


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  • by Timothy
  • May 2010

I'm sending this poem to our son, who is in Iraq. He has only seen his daughter on Skype. I want him to know how much his father, and I love, and miss him. In addition, we our so very PROUD of him.


  • by Susie Rivera, Houston, Texas
  • Nov 2009

My baby is 31 and expecting his first child (a girl and the first in our family of sons and grandsons), and so this poem brought tears to my heart as I wait for my granddaughter to enter the world.


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