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My Mum and Dad were separated before I was born. Dad would come and visit now and again . My dad had another family also which made it hard, His other family didn't like dad having much to do with us. It's hard growing up without a dad there all the time. My dad passed away, died of cancer. RIP DAD xxoo

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My dad died in a car accident and I cried my eyes out when I found out …

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Published: Dec 2008

My Dad

My Dad
I love you dad I had so much to say
and now I don't get a chance,
because you have been taken away.
I hurt so bad and this is true,
is this all because of you.
I want you back to stop the pain,
I just want my dad again,
I didn't know much about you,
right from the very start,
and now I hold all these thoughts
right here in my heart.
I think of you every day,
wishing you didn't pass away.
I always shed a mountain of tears,
I've been waiting for you for years,
You didn't even know my favorite thing,
you didn't even know that I could sing
You didn't know my heart was so blue,
Did you ever love me too.
The day you called me to say "hello"
I knew you didn't have that long to go
I wanted to be with you there and than,
not just as a daughter but also a friend.
I don't blame you dad for the paths we all take
but before you know it , it could be to late.
So now all I can say is I love you Dad, and Good Bye....


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  • by Abby, Asia
  • Nov 2011

My dad died in a car accident and I cried my eyes out when I found out because he was really close to me and I lost someone special to me and he always tucked me into bed at night. and now I don't have that anymore and I have a 8 year old sister and she is not used to not having him here. because when he died she had him tuck her into be every night and now he can't do that. I feel really bad for her. Then when my next thing is that I didn't hear about my dad until I got home from school that day and that's my story. The death of my dad.


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