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I would like to dedicate this poem to my grandma Lucy who recently died on June 7, 2008. My grandma was the most courageous lady that I know and will probably ever meet, she put up a long fight with lung cancer and she never stopped trying, and that is how she will be remembered. I love you grandma with all my heart and I always will. rest in peace.

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My grandma passed away from cancer on the 10 February 2011.. and your poem …

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Published: Jul 2008

My Grandma Lucy

My Grandma
you were in my life for the longest time
and now your gone all in a blink of an eye
I am so confused, I have no idea why
this had to happen to you
but I guess cancer takes some of the best
and we all have to die someday
I just wish it weren't so soon
I need to know that you're okay and you're up there with God
watching over me still witnessing me grow
I need some sort of sign, I need to know
I guess the pain and suffering is all done
I miss you grandma.
I just need one more day with you so I can tell you how much I love and miss you.
grandma I love you with all my heart.
and I know that you're up there watching over me.
I remember how you told me everything,
no matter what happens, will be okay.
I love you grandma, rest in peace.
I'll be seeing you again one day.


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Fatima
  • Feb 2011

My grandma passed away from cancer on the 10 February 2011.. and your poem inspired me to write one of my own for my beloved grandmother..

thank you for sharing such a heartfelt and emotional poem :)


  • by Kell
  • Aug 2010

I lost my nanny from Pancreatic cancer 2010
life is lonely but this poem eased a pain in my chest
thanks :)
lets pray they find a cure


  • by Alicia
  • Nov 2009

My grandma died from lung and stomach in 2004. it was really hard to see her go since I was 7 I can relate to this poem. this was a touching n' beautiful poem.


  • by Orla
  • May 2009

My grandmother died on to lung cancer as well. I can really related to this poem. X


  • by Lacey McKay
  • Nov 2008

I have lost someone very special and this was just touching


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