Addiction Poem about Family

Poem About A Hurting Family

I am currently separated from my husband of 14 years. We have 5 daughters together. He is an alcoholic who is receiving treatment and has been away for about 6 months. I wrote this poem as I was passing by a small town we used to live in, and it occurred to me why he chose to move four hours away from us to get "better." You see for 14 years I lived with emotional and verbal abuse that wreaked havoc on our family. We are now beginning to pick up the pieces of a life shattered by alcohol.

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© Charity Cabe

Published: Jun 2011


I know why you chose to run away
You're still hoping the memories won't stay
Go on now and run
You'll look back soon and miss all the fun
We could have had
But you acted so bad
I won't cry
So don't even try
to think for a minute
my life is better with you in it....
I will hurt for awhile
but in the end, my smile
will be worth all the pain


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