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Remembering Grandpa

I was really close to my grandfather and ever since he passed away from cancer my life changed mentally and physically. He was my only friend and he was the best grandfather I've had....

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My cousin passed away when I was 10. He was like my brother. Him and I …

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Published: Jan 2008


He was my life
He was my soul
He was my grandfather who had to go
He was ill with no cure
Who's heart gave up and wasn't sure
Why he left me in this world
With no one to talk to
Not even to hold
Now that he's gone
I sit here and cry
Waiting for him to say my last goodbye
I want him to know
I'll be alright
That one day I'll be by his side
Day by day
Year by year
I lived it like he were still here
With a smile on my face
I kiss his picture and put it in place


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  • by Keisha, Brantford
  • Oct 2011

My cousin passed away when I was 10. He was like my brother. Him and I were best friends. He got paralyzed when we were about seven years old. We still did our regular things and hung out constantly, but it was not really the same. I still loved him no matter what though. A few years later he got very sick, he was in the hospital for about 4 months after his heart gave out. I miss him so dearly and I wish he was still here with me so that we could still be playing basketball and football together, he was a good guy. Out of anyone he didn't deserve that. But you know what everyone says "the good die young"


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