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My name is Tiasha and I'm here to tell others my story! I was sexually abused by my mother's ex-boyfriend! I use to be scared to say anything about the rape, but I knew it was best for me to start talking about it! Although I'm scared to like be around any male alone I've decided to let the world know my story!

Sexual Abuse Victim

© Tiasha Anderson
Tears are always running down my face
I hang my head low thinking "what a disgrace?"
The tears are coming from all the damage you caused
What do you want now, a round of applause?

I've watched you rape and molest me right before my eyes
Now the only thing left to do is cry
You stole my virginity without my consent
PLEASE tell me why this is the way it went

All I wanted was for you to get off of me
But getting you off of me just wasn't that easy
You hit me in my face then ripped my shirt
Then you pushed it in to the point where it hurt

I remember it like it was yesterday
Answer this, will I ever forget about this and be okay?
The thoughts are crucial & all I can do is cry
Sometimes I just think then ask myself "why didn't I die?"

The bastard didn't care if I lived or if I died
All he cared about was being satisfied
I feel dirty, I feel low, I feel used
I'll always know that I'm a victim of sexual abuse!


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Published: Nov 2008

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  • hi Tiasha....the poem has really touched me...whatever you have experienced is really regrettable...try to come up...forget it and try to begin a new cheerful life...my well wishes are always with you.....

    monu Submitted Dec 2008
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  • This poem really touched me when I think of all I've been through. I was a victim of sexual abuse by my biological father for 12 years. It started when I was 4 and didn't stop until I was 17. I did it in hopes it would save my sisters from the torture that I had experienced but they too faced the same situation. I am currently in the process of prosecuting him for what he did.

    Allie Peters Submitted Apr 2009
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  • I can relate to this poem...I was sexual abused by my great grandfather for 4 years, while I was in his care before and after school. My parents had no idea. Although the sentence that he received was what I believe to be unjust. 8 months in prison. That is nothing compared to what I was to deal with everyday. At the end of the day we are the ones that have to deal with the effects of what they have does to us. I believe the death penalty should be brought back into place just for people that are sick enough to do that to a child. or anybody for that matter.

    Bec Submitted Oct 2009
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  • This poem is very good..I'm also a poet. I have been through the same thing. But with a senior who goes to my school, he forced me in his truck an raped me. Me an my mother did go to the police. But it took me four months to tell anybody. And till this day I see him everyday, it's hard to hold back from saying something, or just hitting him. But I have to. There is not much that can be done in my case though, because I waited too long, an there is no evidence. If the police did happen to take it to court, I hope it went better than mine. Because I might not get the chance to tell my story. The world needs strong women like us.

    Rachael Submitted Feb 2010
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  • Tiasha:
    You are courageous and brave. Healing flows through our poems and words. Keep creating and writing.

    Mel Martin Submitted Jul 2010
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  • Ohh sorry to hear Tiasha, I just owned up to my mum Jan 2010 that I got sexually abused by my grandad at age 11 and stopped when I was 15.. But It took me 7 years to tell my parents. Although.. it is now going court. You are a very brave girl and you should be very proud of yourself.. My case aint worse than your like.. but I went through the stages were I didn't want to exist and just kept self harming thinking everything would go away.. Its always a good way to write down how you feel or talk to someone. Hope your okay hun. Once again you should be very proud xxxx

    Keri Submitted Sep 2010
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  • I had the same thing happen except it was with my step dad for 10 months, I am currently going to court, I have to look him in the eye and I don't think I can! but I know I have to be strong and so do you! my prayers go out to you!

    Tiara, Indiana Submitted Dec 2010
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  • I know exactly how you feel. I was sexually abused by my father for 12 years. I finally told when I was 15, there wasn't enough evidence to convict him of any wrong doing. So he is still living in the same town and same house. I'm sorry for what you went though! I will be praying for you and for your healing. Just know that I care, and that you are never alone!

    Megan, IL Submitted Jan 2011
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  • I can relate in a way. nobody should have to go through what we did. when I was 9 when my babysitters husband abused me. It went off and on until I was 13. I finally told when I was 14 but they did not have enough evidence to put him behind bars or anything. For everyone who has been through this I pray for all. Thanks for all of us being able to share with each other we are not alone.

    Julia, IA Submitted Feb 2011
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  • Words cant express my sister, my love for your sharing. I was raped by my brother's, sexually assaulted by my parent's friend, molested by an employer, molested by my brother-n- law, urged to have sex by a teacher for a grade. The pain has been so deep but the healing is miraculous. I lost most of my immediate family by telling, I even lost my mind for awhile. Now I'm writing my book and co host a blog radio show, my time to tell on Saturday mornings. I could not of healed without God. I am now a therapist and pray for all our healings. God Bess You All. I died and have been resurrected. We must tell! Dianna Calif.

    Dianna Submitted Mar 2011
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  • I am a victim of sexual abuse I was raped by four different uncles on different occasion over a period of eleven years. I have only shared my story with two person it kills me every day. I am currently seeking help or someone to talk to about my problems.

    Lisa Submitted Apr 2011
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  • I am a victim of sexual abuse I was molested when I was 7 by my moms soon to be husband's dad. It went on for about 1 year and half there is not a day that goes by that I don't cry. I always blamed myself for what happen I was touched and forced to touch him. I felt like my soul, the good inside of me was ripped out. I tried to tell someone but I couldn't. I am seeking to talk to someone with the same abuse.

    Lissitte Silva Submitted May 2011
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  • I was a victim of sexual molestation and raped several times throughout my life I am now 29 yrs and sometimes wonder how my life would've been had I not had this happen to me. Turn your pain into strength and keep your head up.

    Cassie, Nebraska Submitted Jun 2011
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  • I know how you feel. I was raped when I was 9 years old by a 16 year old boy. Sometimes I feel that I am to blame because this happen more then one time and I didn't say anything. I cry all the time. I'm going through a healing stage now and I just want to run and hide. This isn't going to court because I don't want it to and it happened so long ago. I am now 18. And I still can face him. It's too hard. Is that normal?

    Jessica Submitted Jun 2011
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  • When my sister and I were three and four my oldest brother molested us and now he comes around every once in a while and acts like nothing happened. I am now 14 nothing has happened since but I remember it like it was yesterday. How long must I live with this my mom knows and she hates him, my father who physically abuses all 5 of us, she won't tell him and I can't tell I'm too afraid.

    pray for me he's coming over tomorrow :'(

    Courtney, California Submitted Jul 2011
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  • The sun's in the sky and little kids are swimming so deep, every one's having fun while the sea is asleep. Every one takes the sea into there own hands but in all reality the sea was destroyed by her fellow. Around night time she cries tears of salt, because she thinks its all her fault. One night she found a bottle floating by and she took of the cap an realized it was the men that drowned her inside. The sea memorizes all the foot steps in the sand but one thing she doesn't seem to understand is why she's still alive? She makes every one so happy but she really drowning herself inside. The sea gets lonely so just take a bawl. Why did these men touch my sea why, when, and how?
    by indira ruiz

    Indira, Rowland Heights Submitted Jul 2011
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  • I know how that feels. For 6 years I was sexually abused by my father as well as other family members. When I was 13 I was pregnant by him. I had a miscarriage. At 14 I finally told. Then I went into foster care and in my first foster home I was sexually assaulted. I understand that feeling of vulnerability and disgust.

    Alisha, New Brunswick Submitted Oct 2011
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  • My cousin died from abuse and our family didn't know the extent of what was happening but he is in a better place now even though we couldn't have stopped it from ending his life.


    Why people in this world,
    May treat a child this way,
    Just because it feels good doesn’t make it ok,
    I told you it hurts, so why must you try,
    Once you are done I just lay there and cry,
    Why can’t mommy walk in,
    And catch you with that grin,
    Why am I alive, just past me a gun
    I wake up in bed and don’t think it was fun.
    Please god take me,
    Away far from here,
    And maybe I can wipe away that one tender tear,
    Hush little baby,
    You don’t need to cry,
    Now it is your time to say good bye,
    Bang, Bang, Little Brother
    It's you turn to cry,
    Even though, you're the next one to die,
    Fly away far from this place,
    Now at least I know there is a smile on your face.

    Tom, Wisconsin Submitted Nov 2011
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  • I am not just a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, but a thriver! I endured the darkness of abuse from the ages of 4 through 13. Now 12 years later I can say that I have truly overcome my past. There is nothing you will be able to do to forget what you have been through but there are things you can do to overcome the past and press forward and choose life. Because living as a victim is no life to live, but choosing to see yourself for who you are and not for what was done to you is a vital step in the road to recovery, the road to life!

    Sue, Minnesota Submitted Mar 2012
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  • I remember when I was 3 I was always going out with my family and family friend. We all went to the circus. Every time we go my family friend always wanted me to sit next to him at the back seat. So when I do that's when he starts molesting me and I never told anyone. I was only very young and at the age of 10 years old my dad's friend's son, he rape me and made me have a shower and watch me in the shower and 3 years ago when I was 17 I was sexually abused by my family friend. I went to court few weeks ago they found him not guilty with me. I'm going though so much pain and I'm having nightmares and I see him around the police says they can't do anything until he does something to me again.

    Alicia Submitted Oct 2012
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  • I was sexually abused by two of my cousins. Then my brothers friend wanted me to have sex with him. my friends say it was rape, I just say it was a misunderstanding. (he misunderstood) but I'm not sure. So I don't know. I used to cut myself. I'm 16 years old. And I have been diagnosed with depression. and I have been called a slut, and have been told I am worthless, since I was 6 years old. I am afraid to hurt peoples feelings. And I don't tell very many people my story because I figure that they have enough going on in their life.

    United States Submitted 11/19/2013
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  • My name is Brianna- and I know what it's like. My best friend raped me when he was under the influence. When he got sober, and he found out what he did, he killed himself. They couldn't do anything to save him-or help me. I survived, and I'm doing great. I found something and someone I love. He protects me- and he encourages me to sing, never blame myself, and to know that I am stronger now.

    Brianna, Corry PA Submitted 2/6/2014
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