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My dog was the world to me. He was like my guardian. When I cried he rubbed his nose on my cheek and he comforted me and licked me a lot on the cheeks.

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© Diana Oliva

August 2008

Shadow's Death

Shadow died by crossing the street
That angel flew above my feet
When I saw blood coming out of his head
I silenced my words from my mind
I said don't worry Shadow I'm not that far
Just say the words I'm in my car
My dog was so fun he made me laugh and cry
He didn't talk he barked
I promised Shadow he wouldn't die
That promise broke so strong
I called my mom she says sweetie what's wrong
Mommy he's gone
Who's gone
Shadow is he's gone and I didn't get to say goodbye
that's the story of my baby boy Shadow

R.I.P Shadow


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