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Sisters And Friends

A friendship that is so all encompassing that you cannot remember a good time that you had without that person.

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A friend that's a sister is such a blessing and a joy. Sister from another …

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© Maria L. Marquez

Published: Jun 2007


You're not just named Angel like I always say
You're my angel in a special way
We're more sisters
Than just friends
We'll be that way till the very end
I love it when you and me stay up and talk
We know every thing about each other from the way we act to the way we walk
I know that now I moved I will not always be right there beside you
But I want you to know our friendship is true
I will never be ashamed of you no matter what you do
Do you remember when you and me stayed up late watching firecrackers at sky sox stadium?
I do
All my favorite memories have something to do with me and you
It may seem like I can be mean
And never cut you any slack
But I want you to know
I got your back
No matter who it is
Or how you act
I will catch you
And forever


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  • by Sheldan Johnson
  • Oct 2011

A friend that's a sister is such a blessing and a joy. Sister from another Mother is who we are!! We share so much together Sunny or stormy weather! I just wanted to say that I love U my friend and my sister each and every day! Us sharing our memories together I wouldn't have it any other way! Straight from my heart I send U my love Look up to the sky here comes my message Can U see it It'll be tape to the wings of that beautiful white dove<3


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