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"Let me be", she says. She only wants some space and to be trusted to make good decisions.

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I too agree with the comments written above and all this things also …

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© Vanessa B. Walker

Published: Feb 2006

Sweet 16

I'm now 16 and you think I'm out of control
How can I express to you I just want to be out more
I know I'm too young to know what love is
But, am I to young to know my own feelings
Yeah I won't lie, we learn from mistakes
Get what life gives you don't hesitate
What will it take for you to see
I'm just trying to be 16, chill out, and be me
Now I'm at that age of feelings and raging hormones
Is that the reason you try to keep me home
Then comes the dating world yeah I see
But how can I have fun and be comfortable if you don't trust me
So, right now just for you
I'm willing to do whatever I need to do
Let's start off right and you trust me again
I'm still a virgin and I'm still innocent
Can we start over and you trust 16
Erase everything let's start off clean


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Anjali, India
  • 7/3/2014

I too agree with the comments written above and all this things also happens with me too. We also have a life, we also need freedom, we also need to enjoy our life and our teenage... Why don't our parents give us freedom........?


  • by Caty, Australia
  • 6/16/2014

I can relate 100% to that poem, it's as if you can't be trusted to do anything by your parents, That you're still a child, yet in fact we are practically adults, we need to experience life, but how can we when they don't trust us?


  • by Kristen, Australia
  • 1/9/2014

This story touched my heart because I am 16 and I have the same thing happening to me and we should be allowed to go and hangout with friends and be the teenager we want to be. We are not kids anymore.


  • by Adilaite Tinatina
  • Mar 2013

This story touched me so badly because sometimes I wish that I were back at home,
In the loving arms that held me strong to reassure my safety, my peace, my soul but now I am living alone with my guardians and some parents like mine don't understand a simple things for us teenagers girl.


  • by Atiya Shaazi Ahmed, Jharkhand
  • Sep 2012

Even though I'm going to be 16 in seven months but this poem reflects my own life. My parents don't want me to get involved in love as they think that they are just distracting elements in life and want me to keep my head in studies only. I must say that no one understands me.


  • by Morena, Amazona
  • Nov 2011

This story touched me because my parents are over protective and when they let me go out... I have to go with my cousin or someone older than me... I don't have that much freedom! Like I wish to have!!!


  • by Jessica, Montrose
  • Dec 2010

this story touched me because my mom doesn't trust me..... she wont let me do anything....... so now I am moving in with my grandma.... I will have a little freedom...


  • by Tierra
  • Dec 2008

This story has touched me because I am 16 years old. And I can't go out and see what the world is like. All I do is sit at home and don't do anything because it seem like my guardians don't trust me.


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