Mourning Poem

Tears Of Sorrow

Is there anything harder than getting over the passing of a loved one? In this poem the author writes an impassioned prayer to the one she has lost, her angel. She says, "Please help me take back my life, I am lost in a sea of memories of you".

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© Elizabeth M. M. King

February 2006

Tears Of Sorrows

In Loving memory of Monica J. King

Trying to let go of these memories of sorrows
which are trapped inside of me,
where I feel alone, no one sees me crying.
I close my eyes and I see my dreams,
Dreams of tomorrow, the way I want things to be.
Angel, keep watch over me.
The memories keep control of me,
The bad storms and cold weather rain
which fall from the heavens.
Angel, wash away these memories which are inside me.
I want to cry, I want to cry,
Tears from heaven falling from my eyes,
Wash away the pain which keeps control of me.
Angel, sing, sing the song
which will bring the dreams of tomorrow,
Of sunshine, not of rain,
Letting go of the memories
Which trap my sorrows inside of me.

By Elizabeth M. King


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