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The Wind Beneath My Wings Too

© Tarsha C. Highsmith

Published on February 2006

The signs of love should be as clear as when you look into a mirror,
And as an image comes to you, because you are merely being you.

Live your life for you, for your daughter
From the strength of your family, through the doubts of your enemies
And for the love of your daughter, tell her you are the wind beneath her wings.

Tell her how you took off, how you soar through the air,
How no storm could ever bring you down,
How you flew higher than any eagle,

Tell her how bright the stars are up there, how they twinkle like her big brown eyes
How you stood in no one's shadow to be a man, to be recognized.
How you were always a beautiful face without a name,
and now the whole world knows your name.

Tell her how you are not just her hero, but her mom's hero too

How when you get you get up in the morning, she is the first thing on your mind

Go ahead, tell her everything you do, you do it for her, for hope of having her in your arms once again.

Tell her you didn't realize how something so sweet and so precious could change your life

And regardless of the situation, that one day, you will be as a whole

Tell her how you flew so high, how she is the wind beneath your wings

How you are being content until it is her time to shine, how it is her that pushes you to do your best.

How you regret so much time was missed between you.

How it was her smile that gave you strength, and no matter where you go in this world, she will always have a piece of you

Tell her you didn't walk out on her even though it seems that way

Just that you had to go do what you do best, being you

And when you wanted to see her, all you had to do is go look in a mirror

And as an image, you were one, because you were merely being you and she was doing you


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