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If parents want real relationship with their kids they will have to concede one thing. Read about it in this poem.

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This is so true, parents really don't understand what we are going through.

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© Kristen R. League

Published: Feb 2006

They Don't Get It, They Don't Understand

Parent say they've been there, they say they understand,
If only they knew what passes through our hands,
Drugs to inhale and they slowly die,
It takes them makes them high,
Kids drink to wash away their tears,
To run and hide from all their fears,
Parents think they get us...but they don't have a clue,
They don't know all the things peer pressure can do,
They don't know about all the rumors and lies,
They don't know about how our hope slowly dies,
Parents don't understand our thoughts and dreams,
All they see are our bad thoughts and endless schemes,
Take the time to get to know and love me,
Cause I look up to you... I do what I see,
I will turn out to be a bad girl lost and needed,
If you're one of those parents that is conceited,
You say you understand us, you say you get it,
Help me in my choices; show me right from wrong,
But don't give me the same lame sad song.
You truly don't understand....


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Tenai, Aus
  • 6/10/2014

This is so true, parents really don't understand what we are going through.


  • by Madi, USA
  • Aug 2012

That is so true yet depressing. Parents claim to understand and get us, but they don't. The sad truth is that most kids go through life pretending to be fine when they're dying on the inside.


  • by John, Bc
  • Nov 2011

Sorry guys and gals but you won't like this. Too bad. The fact is that not only do parents get it, they've been through it all as did their parents and so on since parents started having kids. We had to say no to drugs. We had to endure peer pressure. We had to deal with rumors and whispering and lies. Nothing new. Try putting your cell phones down for a minute and initiating a real conversation with your parents. I mean actually TALKING and not texting! You might also try accepting responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming everyone else, including your parents. Suck it up and get on with life. We had to.


  • by Angel, Illnois
  • May 2011

I feel the exact same way they claim they understand, but they don't in some ways yes they might understand but they don't know what's going on in out heads.


  • by Jess,Florida
  • May 2011

This is EVERYONE. Parents get it. Kids are the ones that don't understand the fact that their parents have gone through the same crap!


  • by Sally,Queens
  • Apr 2011

This poem is only true on some days. Sometimes my mom really gets it and understands. Some days I feel like saying shut up sit down and listen to me. you don't get is at all. I really love being able to share things with her even if she does not get it.


  • by Cheriece ,Bronx
  • Mar 2011

This poem touched me because I get yelled at by my parents and they tell me oh when I was your age I was doing this and that but they don't know what I am going through now. When I was growing up I been through hell my dad walking in and out of my life and me having to grow up not knowing why he really left and it is also hard because I miss my dad and I wish that we was as close as we was when I was younger. Now that I am older all I do is sit here and cry my eyes out.. so parents really don't know what is going on in their child's head just because they think that their child tells them everything, that doesn't mean anything, they can tell them half of something but not the whole story.


  • by Kev, Indiana
  • Feb 2011

I really don't think children understand how much adults really do get. I read this poem and there isn't a thing in it that I, as an adult, didn't already know! So yeah we get IT.


  • by Yvonne, AZ
  • Jul 2010

Very beautiful and I completely understand. But you have to understand to that your parents were once teenagers going through the same thing. We do understand our children. Sometimes they forget and its hard empathizing, but their reactions have mostly good intentions. I'm sure your parents love you very much and you will understand one day when you are a parent!!!


  • by Kayla, Alaska
  • Apr 2010

This poem pretty much says it all. It's soo true. Love it.


  • by brianne
  • Mar 2009

wow this I a great poem. it kind of reminds me about me life and I really enjoyed reading it. thank-you.


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