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Foster Mom I'm Ready To Be Adopted

I've always been afraid of being adopted because I always thought my real mom was going to come back. Well I wrote this poem for my foster mom to let her know I am ready to become adopted.

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I was adopted at 22 months old. My mother would hold my head under …

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Published: Sep 2011

The Truth Behind A Mother And A Mom

--Most people mistake a Mother and a Mom for the same things, well in reality there's a big difference.

-a Mother is someone who gets pregnant
-a Mom is someone who plans for your arrival

-a Mother carries you for 9 months
-a Mom helps you to learn to walk at 9 months

-a Mother goes through hours and hours of pain and labor
-a Mother goes through hours and hours of screaming and crying for weeks at a time

-a Mother can't take care of you because of her stupid choices
-a Mom helps you through every challenge big or small

-a Mother tries to buy you stuff
-a Mom gets you your first tricycle and first dress

-a Mother tries to call to talk to you for a few minutes
-but a Mom calls and talks for hours, no matter how busy or far away she is

-a Mother wants to be part of your life, oh man she tries so hard
-a Mom is your life, she gave you everything you needed, and taught you everything you need to know

-a Mother is for never
-but a Mom is forever

-a true caring mom is someone like you, a foster mom almost adoptive mom


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  • by Kelsey,New Jersey
  • Nov 2011

I was adopted at 22 months old. My mother would hold my head under scalding hot water if I would cry or she would punch me. I was taken away and adopted. My mom means the world to me. A few months ago my mother emailed me and she told my mom that she was my "mom". She will never be my mom. This poem made her realize that to. Thank you for helping me.


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