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Letting Her dad know as he goes of to war that whatever happens her will be forever her hero.

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This poem was graciously written by a beautiful child of a father who is …

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© Saundra R. Hays

Published: Feb 2006

My Dad

My dad is my hero
He is the one I look up too
No matter what he does, he does no wrong
Now he is leaving to Iraq for a year and a half.
I will not see him for so long
I fear the worst that may come
I may never see my dad again
But my dad is a fighter and he will always be in my heart No matter what
He may be just in sprit
He may be just by phone
He may be just by letters
But he'll never be alone.
If he doesn't come back, from serving our country
Everyone will know what happened to my dad
He will never die
He will never disappear
He will always be my hero
Whether he is far away
Or very near
My dad can walk on water
He can do anything he wants
He is fighting for our country
Doing just like he wants
He is leaving three kids behind and so many more
But I am daddy's little girl
And to me he is much more
If there wasn't a god I would want him to be it
My dad is so amazing
I don't know what to say
But only that he's my hero and I love him so very much

I dedicate this to my dad...Michael Hays...he is leaving 10/31/04....to protect our country...and serve all nations under god


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  • by Amber Smith
  • Apr 2009

This poem was graciously written by a beautiful child of a father who is courageous in serving our country. The poem was beautiful, and I pray that the father is safe, and will return home, and won't have to leave for Iraq again. It is about time that this war ended. God bless your family, and I hope for the best!


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