Spiritual Poem about Death

Poem About Anticipating Heavenly Home

My best friend Justin died from a brain tumor at age 13, and I miss him so much. He was like a brother to me; we did everything together. It's not fair that he had to die so soon. He told me before he died that he will be waiting for me in heaven so we can go fishing again. I wrote this poem not long after his death from being depressed...

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© Ryker

Published: Mar 2011

Weary Journey

With my eyes looking onward to my heavenly home,
I am traveling through this world of woe-
I have to get home.
My soul cries from within,
Oh, Lord keep me from sin.

My eyes looking onward to my heavenly home,
of this world I feel so alone,
Longing for the world in which I go,
Sweet precious...holy ghost

Looking onward to my heavenly home,
It has a godly tone,
Dark clouds around me,
Oh Lord help me to see.

Onward to my heavenly home,
More beautiful than Rome,
Steep is my way,
I cannot stray.

Onward to my heavenly home,
No more to roam,
Mountains high and valleys deep,
I pray my soul to keep.

My heavenly home,
Far away from gnome,
The way is a fight,
I can't loose sight.

Heavenly home,
Not an earthly zone,
It's a heavenly home,
Yet to be my home.

Oh, I want to go home.


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